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Full text of "The Letters Of Horace Walpole Vol I"

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Ragley2; I have some thoughts of going down thither this summer, and if it is not too far, I will spend a day with you in Worcestershire8. You may assure yourself I am mightily put to it for news, when for want of that, I send you some trifling verses* of my own, which have nothing to recommend 'em but the subject. I know you will excuse 'em, when you consider they come from My dearest Charles
Yr sincere Friend and Servant Chelsea5, August 7, 1732.                               HoK: WALPOLE.
MY DEAREST CHAKLES,                          Eton, August 28,1734.
I find we not only sympathize in the tenderest friendship for one another, but also in the result of that, which is the jealousy you mention. If you have given me a kind trial in your own mind and condemned me, I assure you I have over and over, tho' unwillingly, returned you the compliment ; but to set the matter to rights, in which I have had the pleasure first to acquit you, you must know I came here but yesterday from home, where I have been, almost ever since I saw my dear Charles, detained with a violent cold
2 Near Alcesfcer in. Warwickshire, the seat of Walpole's first cousin, Lord Conway (afterwards Earl and Marquis of Hertford).
s At Hagley; see note 1.
* These verses apparently have not been preserved.
8 Sir Robert Walpole had a house at Chelsea. 'A small house in the Stable yard of the College was given by George I to Catherine Shorter, first wife of Sir Kobert Walpole, after--wards Earl of Orford, who greatly augmented the house and garden, and built the summer house at the end of the terrace, and vast green-
houses for a most noble collection of orange trees and exotica. One summer, when Queen Caroline was Regent on the King's absence at Hanover, Sir Robert fitted up his largest greenhouse, and hung his finest pictures there, to give hor Majesty a dinner,' (MS. note of H. W. in his copy of Robertson's Topographical Survey of the Great Road from London to Batli and- Bristol. London, 1792.)
LETTER 2.—Not in 0.; now printed from original in posses8ion of Viscount Cobham.